What To Do After a Slip and Fall Injury

A fall, whether at work, in a parking lot or on a side walk or on a location under construction can cause serious injuries that require surgery and can change your life. According to Bruce M. Ginsburg at Ginsburg & Associates, “when you fall and you are injured, it is urgent that you get legal representation immediately. Evidence needs to be preserved or documented. Make sure to take a photo with your cell phone so you have it. Once the owner of the property or the responsible party is put on notice, the cause of the fall can be repaired or altered. Getting our team at Ginsburg & Associates on your side quickly can make a big difference.” Ginsburg & Associates has successfully handled serious injuries and bad accidents for people who have fallen since 1980. Our experience and financial firepower gives us the ability to investigate, quickly hire the best experts, and litigate and bring a meaningful result to you or your family. Call us immediately for a free consultation.