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Breast Cancer | Ginsburg & Associates Trial Lawyers

Many women will make resolutions to improve their health but are unsure when and if they should undergo screening mammography. May women are afraid to get this non-invasive study out of fear. With failure to diagnose malignancy as the #1 cited medical malpractice claim, our firm receives calls about cases of possible missed breast cancer at mammography. This can occur with woman of all ages, but may depend on whether a particular person is high risk. Part of the analysis of whether to accept a case includes whether the patient failed to adhere to screening mammography recommendations which can include seeing their primary doctor or a recommended specialist.

Our firm has represented women of all ages in failure to diagnose cancer with success. Considerations in seeking our help can include women who worry about the cost of future care including rehabilitation, home health care and care for an older parent, or an ill husband while the daughter or wife or mother mends. In helping our clients in giving advice and representation, we seek out the best doctors who specialize in the field of radiology and surgery so that a complete understanding is available for us to make a recommendation to a potential client. So if there is a concern as a result of an imaging study or a change in your normal body’s routine, see your family doctor for recommendations, and call our firm, Ginsburg & Associates, for a free consultation.