Attacks by dogs

Pennsylvania has had a very tough and longstanding law that has made it difficult for someone who was attacked by a dog, to get paid for their injuries. Generally, that requirement was that it had to be proven that the dog had known “vicious propensities”. Basically, that meant trying to find evidence that the particularly dog had attacked someone else in the past. Finding that confirmation was difficult at best. Owners would almost always deny that their dog had ever harmed anyone, and it was rare to find an earlier police report when it did happen. Finally, the State of Pennsylvania has come into the 21st century. This near impossible requirement has been removed.

Without a doubt, an attack by a dog can be brutal. Innocent victims can get hurt trying to flee the attack and even worse, when the dog catches someone. Innocent children have also been brutalized by dogs. Injuries can range from a mere bite to the need for stitches, reconstructive surgery or other types of surgery. An innocent victim may have to pay for the surgery and lose money from not being able to work. Like all injuries, it can result in damage to the entire family. Our firm has proudly represented seriously injured people since 1980. Cases range from major injuries due to vehicle and trucking crashes, medical, dental and nursing home malpractice, injuries on the job, injuries as a result of a fall as well as from defective or exploding products. We have the experience and fire power to investigate and litigate when there are serious injuries throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. With our experience, we know when to hire the right experts to prove both what happened and what damage has occurred to our clients. So call Ginsburg & Associates at 215-564-4400 or visit our website at There is never any charge to speak with us, and we only are paid if and when you are successful.