Patients of Center for Family and Specialty: Get Help Now!

Attention patients of Center for Family and Specialty: Health officials have found dead mice and insects near the office’s sterilization unit.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health say an investigation determined that the Center for Family and Specialty Dentistry on 2642 Bernville Road in Reading, Pennsylvania did not follow appropriate infection control procedures to properly clean, disinfect or sterilize devices.

The health department sent a letter to the facility to desist all patient and cease care back on October 21. The practice remains closed as the investigation continues. On November 4, the Pennsylvania State Board of Dentistry temporarily suspended the dental licenses of three dentists who worked at the facility, Dr. Stephen Sulzbach, Dr. Eric Osmolinski, and his wife, Dr. Jana Osmolinski.

Health officials say they found at least two dead mice, cockroach-like insects and flies on the floor of the office’s basement where instruments were sterilized. If you or anyone in your family has been a patient of Center for Family and Specialty please call Bruce Ginsburg at Ginsburg & Attorneys immediately:(215) 564-4400 .

Dental centers have a duty to monitor the sterilization of the tools they use in your mouth. There are rules that require deadlines and rules as to how and when this must be done. Without this, infections and other diseases can be transmitted particularly when the mouth is injected, probed or other surgery is done. If this has occurred to you, you may be able to receive damages for any disease or infection that you may have contracted; or, potentially money for future monitoring depending on what occurred. This can result in being exposed to HIV, AIDS or hepatitis or other potential long lasting diseases. Visit the Department of Health’s website at to learn more.

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