How DUI Car Accident Settlements Work: Head, Spine, and Leg Injuries

When irreparably harmed by the carelessness and bad judgment of a DUI driver, a DUI accident lawyer is an injured person’s best hope of getting restitution and a fair settlement.

The ripple effects of a DUI crash can carry across relationships, employment, financial security and health. Some of the most grievous injuries resulting from a DUI crash can be to a victim’s head, spine and legs. Protecting your legal rights is the job of a capable DUI accident lawyer, who can safeguard your immediate needs and, by careful settlement strategy, provide you the financial security to face an uncertain future.

DUI Crash

No vehicle crash is expected; being struck by a DUI driver, though, can sometimes feel far worse than a typical highway fender bender. DUI drivers have a lowered sense of caution and slow reactions that cause them to propel their vehicles into others without attempting to avoid the crash or slow down. They may even fall asleep behind the wheel with a foot on the accelerator, sending them into head-on crashes across lanes, into the sides of cars at intersections, or into the rear of a car ahead of them.

DUI drivers are extremely likely to hit something directly in their path, having little or no ability to steer around the other car, or to stop. This means the unsuspecting occupants of a car in front of a DUI driver will sustain damage to their heads and spines, or horrific damage to their legs.

The burden to avoid a DUI accident rests entirely with the impaired driver. Part of the job of a DUI accident lawyer is to get DUI drivers to accept responsibility for the consequences of their selfish, dangerous actions.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports in a study that roughly one out of 50 Pennsylvanians admitted to driving after drinking too much; one out of every 50 other drivers you encounter every day could be a DUI driver. Your chances of needing a DUI accident lawyer are, unfortunately, even higher.

DUI Accident Injuries

As analytically and practically described in the textbook Nurse to Nurse Trauma Care written by Donna Nayduch, RN, injuries from motor vehicle collisions encompass the whole body, but concentrate on certain parts due to the tendency of occupants to move within the car after the crash:

  • “Up and Over” Injury — Head, face and cervical spine injuries from impact “up and over” the steering wheel into the windshield or sunroof; airbag injuries to the face, cervical spine and head; leg injuries if entangled under the dashboard or within the gas, clutch and brake pedals
  • “Down and Under” Injury — Leg entrapment in pedals, knee fracture or dislocation; possible cervical spine injury

Other injuries from DUI crashes can include thoracic and lumbar spine injury, hyperflexion in the T12 to L1 vertebrae, atlanto-occipital dislocation head injury, and burns or abrasions to the head and legs.

Recovering from these extensive injuries could take years. A good DUI accident lawyer will elicit testimony about the extent of your injuries, the prognosis, and your diminished ability to perform the tasks of everyday living.

Your DUI accident lawyer Bruce Ginsburg will work to arrive at a settlement that provides fair and just compensation for a future blighted by intensive physical therapy, repeated operations, occupational therapy, mental health intervention and more.

A skilled firm like Ginsburg & Associates, through investigation, may be able to find that the drunk driver that caused the accident was served alcohol while visibly intoxicated at a bar or restaurant. This is called a Dram Shop action. If this did happen, it may provide additional coverage to provide you and your loved ones. The additional coverage would help pay for your bills, serious injuries, surgery and for an unfortunate wrongful death.

When a DUI crash or accident leaves you or a family member with head, spine or leg injuries, you need a trusted DUI accident lawyer like Bruce Ginsburg at Ginsburg & Associates. Contact our offices today to learn how we can get you the settlement you deserve.