4 Reasons You Need An Attorney When In A Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor vehicle accidents are sudden, frightening, and sometimes life altering. For anyone in a motor vehicle accident, an attorney can do much more than preserve and protect rights.

Accidents or Crashes?

As mentioned in the New York Times, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) does not call motor vehicle accidents “accidents,” it calls them crashes. This is because an accident somehow suggests no cause as if it were divine will. A quick examination of NHTSA’s website shows “crashes” with every mouse click; “accidents” get short shrift.

When Philadelphia-area drivers suffer motor vehicle accidents or crashes, they usually provide no warning. Certainly, unlike in the movies, you hear no soundtrack of impending calamity. The crash itself is abrupt, sudden, terrifying, and sometimes life altering. When you suffer a motor vehicle accident, after getting medical care, get an attorney. Too much is at stake to do otherwise.

Assigning Blame

An attorney can help when local law authorities assign blame for the accident. If you are blamed, you need to contact Ginsburg Law & Associates. If the other driver is blamed, an attorney can help pursue justice and compensation for your injuries, loss of property, and more.

If law enforcement finds you at fault, your attorney can help shield you from life-altering consequences such as huge financial penalties, license revocation, or even incarceration.

If law enforcement finds the other driver responsible for the crash that affects you, an attorney can supplement the authorities’ investigations with private investigative services to determine exactly the extent of recklessness, or to unearth any history of driving problems. An attorney can even represent you in dealing with the other driver’s insurance company, looking out for your needs and financial challenges.

Protecting Finances

An attorney represents you not just for the pain and suffering experienced in the crash, but for all the possible financial risk a motor vehicle crash exposes you to, such as lost wages, continued car payments for a totaled wreck, medical expenses that may stretch far into the future, and increases in automobile insurance.

Immediately after a motor vehicle crash, your body is still coursing with adrenaline. You may feel fine, but the surge of the hormone can mask deep physical trauma. Sometimes pain, stiffness or incapacitation may not show up for months or even years. A lawyer can preserve your rights to compensation for unknown, future effects of motor vehicle accidents.

Protecting Families

Some car crashes bring the grimmest possible results. The NHTSA points to 35,092 lives lost in 2015 from vehicle crashes. Should motor vehicle accidents bring death to a member of your family, an attorney is invaluable in protecting your family from all that this finality can bring.

Resuming Normal Life

Without an attorney advocating for your rights, the consequences of a motor vehicle crash can unfold over years. Your attorney can bring pressure to insurance companies and the other driver to reach definitive conclusions and final settlements, whether in court or outside of the courtroom.

You need to get on with your life, protected financially and medically from the effects of the crash. Your family needs you back to a normal place among your loved ones. Your employer needs you back at work. A good attorney can take on most of the burden of fighting for, and preserve, your rights.

If you or a member of your family has suffered from a motor vehicle accident, you need the services of a good lawyer. Contact us at Ginsburg & Associates to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our lawyers experienced in representing clients involved in motor vehicle accidents.