How to File a Lawsuit Against Defective Medical Implants and Devices

If you have suffered from medical implants, this article is for you.

Not all cases have undoubtedly improved from this implants and if you went through an operation and caused it to do more harm than good, you have to know it’s time for you to act right away.

There are lots of Medical Devices designed to help improve the lives of people such as Transvaginal Mesh, Ivy Filters, Hip and Knee Implants, Essure Birth Control and more. But behind this devices potential benefits, there can be some risk.

When facing this issue such as faulty surgical instrument, pacemakers, prosthetics or implants, don’t waste time wondering if it’s going to be okay. Contact your lawyer immediately for consultation on how to file a lawsuit from a Defective Medical Implants and Devices.


The product liability claim can often be a complex issue so it is important to seek a legal advice from an experienced lawyer and also if you want him to represent your case in court.

Defective Medical Devices and Implants Lawyer can determine whether the case resulted from:

  • The drug, prosthesis, implant or medical device was properly designed and manufactured
  • Proper warnings and instructions were provided to the physician
  • Sufficient testing was completed prior to placing the product on the market
  • The manufacturer over-promoted or exaggerated the safety or benefits of the device

With the help of a lawyer, you may receive an appropriate compensation for the bills, loss of earning or the lost wages and as well as the damages resulting to further injury caused by the medical implant. Family members can also pursue the claims, in a case of death of a patient as a wrongful death that may cover the funeral cost, loss of economic support and all sorts of losses.

Most Common Defective Medical Devices Lawsuits are:

  • Metal Hip Replacement Lawsuit
  • Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit
  • Da Vinci Robot Surgery Lawsuit
  • IVC Blood Clot Filter Lawsuits
  • Breast Implants
  • Drug-Coated Stents
  • Guidant Defibrillators
  • DePuy Hip Implants

According to FindLaw article:

Any medical devices are closely monitored by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a product can be defective in its design, manufacturing process, or marketing strategy. In most instances, state lawsuits over federally-approved medical devices face stringent legal obstacles and often receive increased national attention.

Why You Should File a Claim

Whenever a medical device or implant fails, this is due to either in a form of medical malpractice and/or a product liability. If you become injured and have suffered, you are entitled to file either or both cases, if ever found a doctor or manufacturer is found liable.

You may contact a Lawyer with this expertise to help pursue the case against a defective medical device.