Hidden Bike and Motorcycle Accident Facts and Dangers

A Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer Understands Motorcycle Facts and Dangers

Riding motorcycles is dangerous. Statistics concerning motorcycle accidents on the roadways are alarming. If you, or someone you know, has been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact the experts at Ginsburg & Associates to learn about your legal rights. They have the experience to uncover the hidden facts and dangers of motorcycles.

Types of Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle crashes most often involve other vehicles. In almost all these crashes, fatalities are due to head injuries. Studies show that over half of the roadway crashes between another vehicle and a motorcycle happen at junctions. A little under half of these crashes are the fault of other road users, not the motorcyclist. If you have been involved in a crash with another vehicle while riding your motorcycle, contact a motor vehicle accident lawyer as soon as possible. It is important you know your rights and receive the protection you deserve.

Injuries from Motorcycle Crashes

The most common injuries sustained from motorcycle crashes are fractures.

Following fractures are contusions; sprains; and deep, open wounds. When a vehicle comes up against a motorcycle, the motorcycle rider is seldom on the winning side. Motorcyclists are about 40 times more likely to die in road traffic accidents than car drivers. A motor vehicle accident lawyer should be consulted if you have suffered an injury related to a motorcycle crash. A good lawyer specializing in motor vehicle accidents knows your rights and will ensure those rights are protected.

Dangers of Riding Motorcycles

One of the most dangerous things you can do driving a motorcycle is to ride alone in a rural area. Over half of all motorcycle fatalities occur on rural roads, most often when bikes run off the road. These fatalities stem from medical attention arriving to the crash scene too late to be effective. If you are injured in a motorcycle crash, every second matters. The most crucial time to receive medical attention is within the first hour after your crash.

If you are alone on a rural road and have a crash that carries you off the road, chances of someone finding you and getting help for you are slim. Driving alone, and especially at night, makes your survival rate even slimmer.

Dangers of Not Having Proper Equipment​

The best way to protect yourself while riding a motorcycle is to wear the proper equipment. Wearing the correct helmet will reduce your risk of a head injury by more than 50 percent. You also need brightly colored clothes so other vehicles can see you, and you need reflective gear at night. Other personal protective equipments include gloves, boots, and trousers. Without the proper equipment, you put your entire body at risk if involved in a crash.

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

A motor vehicle accident lawyer knows the dangers and risks of motorcycle riding, and the laws designed to protect you if you are involved in a motorcycle crash. Ginsburg & Associates is the personal injury law firm to ensure your rights are protected and you receive the compensation you deserve. They have legal teams specializing in motor vehicle accidents, nursing home negligence, and municipal liability cases. Mr. Ginsburg and his team will dedicate themselves to ensuring you receive the best representation possible. Contact them today if you have been involved in a motorcycle crash.