Our Law Firm Still Investigates Serious Injuries and Death in Train Crash

The case of serious injuries and death in catastrophic Amtrak train crash and derailment in Philadelphia that occurred in May of 2015 is still under investigation. While at a speed reported to be 106 mph, the train and passenger cars left the track. There were over 200 passengers on the train. The result was that many were killed and injured. Hospitals around the Philadelphia admitted and treated passengers and Amtrak employees for everything from minor injuries to serious injuries requiring surgery.

Amtrak train crash – The Blame Game

The blame game has already started. Amtrak has laid the problem, to some degree, with the government because of budget cuts that had prevented the safety measures that were required to be installed. Amtrak announced that it will install cameras inside train cabs to record what is occurring with the operators of the trains.

Investigations on the root cause of the serious Injuries and Death resulted in that train Accident

Bruce Martin Ginsburg, Esquire of Ginsburg & Associates, a personal injury trial firm that is experienced in transportation accidents including train accidents, bus and tractor trailer crashes as well as car and motorcycle injuries, is continuing to monitor the investigation. Mr. Ginsburg believes ” …that this is just the beginning of the information that will be exposed regarding this tragic derailment. With our experience, we know that the investigation of the National Transportation Safety Board will continue to provide insight that will form the basis of future claims.” The firm is also investigating all possible options for the victims to be fairly compensated for their injuries. Mr. Ginsburg is licensed in PA, NJ , NY, CO and CA and the firm actively handles transportation crashes involving serious injuries and wrongful death. To learn more about the firm or to contact Mr. Ginsburg, visit the website at www.ginsburg-law.com or call directly to (215) 564-4400. There is no charge for the consultation. If you have spoken with your family lawyer, Mr. Ginsburg and Ginsburg & Associates will work with referring attorneys.