stand up against nursing home negligence

Stand Up Against Nursing Home Negligence

As the senior population of the US continues to grow, many caring sons and daughters have no choice but to entrust their parents and other elderly loved ones to the care of a nursing home. Elderly residents often benefit from the professional care they receive at such facilities. However, with the rising number of nursing home negligence cases being filed, one cannot help but wonder whether such homes can be trusted.

Shocking, but True

Nursing homes receive a great deal of income from residents’ families, and are expected to use it to maintain safe and comfortable facilities. Yet some of them seem to be more interested in making profits than in giving quality care to the residents.

It isn’t rare to hear about cases in which nursing home residents have suffered falls or other accidents due to the lack of a supervising attendant. Other cases include residents not being fed on time, developing bed sores or pressure ulcers, becoming dehydrated, and not receiving medication in a timely manner. A failure to maintain safe premises is another indicator of a negligent nursing home.

Even more troubling is the fact that residents have been known to suffer verbal, physical, emotional, and financial abuse. This is why it’s so important for relatives of nursing home residents to speak up if they suspect neglect or abuse.

Taking Action Against Nursing Home Negligence

“We believe that personal injury is not something you should take lightly,” says Bruce Ginsburg, the managing partner at Ginsburg & Associates. “It is your right to demand that caregivers nurse your family member, and you have a right to sue for negligence that causes pain and stress to the patient.”

Ginsburg & Associates is a law firm with a great deal of experience in nursing home negligence and abuse cases. As lawyers, they begin each case by preparing a study and using their legal expertise to find and utilize the best possible strategy.

Statistics presented on the Ginsburg & Associates website show that over 2 million Americans above the age of 60 suffer some form of abuse every year. This deeply troubling figure demonstrates the importance of taking action against nursing home negligence and abuse.

“Rest assured that we work diligently to ensure that compensation is received for your loved one’s pain, and we’ll also take care of the insurance claims,” Mr. Ginsburg says. “With the help of a personal injury attorney, you will be able to pay for all on-going treatment and medical expenses incurred for the unjust treatment given to your loved one.”

Recent Nursing Home Negligence Settlements

Recently, an aggrieved family approached Ginsburg & Associates seeking representation against a negligent nursing home. The home in question had failed to take appropriate precautionary measures for their residents. As a result, an elderly woman had a fall and suffered a bone fracture.

We are proud to say that we fought the case and brought justice for the woman and her family. We performed in-depth investigations and received depositions from other parties who’d been the victims of similar negligence. The case was resolved for a compensation of $121,000.

By necessity, personal injury lawyers must often deal with very unpleasant news and information. Nursing home neglect is among the most disheartening. However, our work in this field has steeled us to fight all the harder for our clients. No matter how challenging it may seem, we will strive to get a judgment in your favor from the Philadelphia courts.

Don’t let your loved ones settle for anything less than the excellent treatment that they deserve.

About Ginsburg & Associates

Founding partner Bruce Martin Ginsburg established his personal injury law firm in 1980. The firm now has multiple trial lawyers and offices in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Mr. Ginsburg has worked in a wide range of diverse cases, including those involving police chases and workplace accidents.

In standing up for the rights of the aged and infirm when a facility’s care falls below the proper standards, Mr. Ginsburg has forged a reputation as an experienced attorney in nursing home negligence and other fields. You can learn more by calling (215) 564-4400.