Negligent Police cost $3,105,000 in Cerebral Palsy Case

Ginsburg & Associates confirmed the settlement win of $3,105,000 that will be made to a pregnant woman who was caught in a High-speed police chase crash.

The accident that caused Cerebral Palsy

The case brought details of a devastating accident that resulted in the woman going into premature labor and the child was subsequently born with cerebral palsy. Negligent means that The Ginsburg team proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the police were caught being a Negligent Operator and Negligent Driving that caused the woman’s labor to commence. Not to mention the Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress.

“Premature birth does not mean a child will develop any health issues. Yet, nearly half of the children who do develop cerebral palsy were born prematurely. Many of the neurological conditions and causes associated with cerebral palsy (such as damage to the brain’s white matter, known as periventricular leukomalacia, or PVL) are closely linked to preterm delivery. Preterm babies also have an increased rate of infection, another significant risk factor for cerebral palsy” Source

Though there is some doubt as to premature birth causing the condition, Ginsburg & Associates were able to convince the jury that there was no other reason that the woman went into premature labor, so the police were in fact responsible. Another Word for Negligence in this case was disregard which led to oversight that resulted in a horrific accident. The case was challenging but resulted in a positive outcome for the client.

If you or someone you know, has a child with cerebral palsy, please contact the office immediately to set up a time for the case to be evaluated. There are so many things that could have caused cerebal palsy and most are not genetics. It is important to know what happened to the child. Especially, because the children deserve a lifetime of excellent care that is so very expensive.

The responsible party needs to be made to pay.

Ginsburg & Associates can help get the money the child deserves.

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