Local Police Departments Deadly Force Policies and Tactics!

The Truth Behind Philadelphia’s Federal Review of Police Deadly Force Policies

Attribution: Jun 2013 — This article is the syndication source of a recently released press release from Ginsburg Law

Bruce Ginsburg has successfully handled and won police brutality cases in Philadelphia and the mounting liability the city has faced may be a direct reason why the city’s commissioner is requesting the Federal review in hopes of changing their policies.

Currently, Philadelphia’s police department has made headline news. The police commissioner of Philadelphia Charles Ramsey has asked for a Federal review regarding the use of department’s deadly force. He has asked the Department of Justice to look into the matter. It all started after news got aired on Philly.com. This news was more like a story which revealed more about the acts of Philadelphia’s police department during the past 2 years. The story was filled with evidences and facts showing that the police of Philadelphia had shot around 52 people in 2012 out of which 11 were killed. In 2011, they shot 35 people. Such cases have been witnessed in other cities as well including Chicago, Baltimore, Las Vegas and Houston.

The police department says that they are just doing their job, but most view it as just brutal killing. According to Philadelphia attorney, Bruce Ginsburg of Ginsburg & Associates, “a city and municipality can be held liable for the use of deadly force when it does not meet constitutional requirements.” Ginsburg & Associates handled two highly publicized cases in which the City of Philadelphia used deadly force in two separate New Year’s Eve incidents. Bruce Ginsburg said “we represented a young man who was killed by the police in an unwarranted situation. The case settled for $1,200,000. It was difficult and was a highly charged case. In another case, we represented a child who was grazed by a bullet from a police officer who shot into a house. The officer then entered a house that was counting down the time to New Year’s and were intimidated by the entering officer. It can only help the City or any municipality to have their policies reviewed, and will hopefully result in safer streets for the public at large.”

In both of these cases, the use of deadly force ultimately affected the City of Philadelphia and their taxpayers. Besides winning settlements and verdicts on behalf of their clients, there is always another victory the attorneys at Ginsburg & Associates seek after and that is impacting laws to prevent future accidents. In this case, they hope to see Philadelphia police’s deadly force policies change for the better.