Injured Eagle: Philadelphia Football Player Awarded $2 Million in Lawsuit Over Broken Walker

Professional athletes could serve as examples of more than unparalleled physical skill. As was the case recently, they could help demonstrate the value of understanding your rights after using a defective product as well as show the importance of hiring a qualified personal injury attorney.

In July 2013, a Philadelphia Eagles football player was awarded $2 million in a lawsuit over a rolling walker he was using that broke while he was rehabilitating from an injured Achilles tendon.

Offensive tackle Jason Peters, who signed a six-year contract with the Eagles in 2009, initially injured his Achilles in March 2012. Three weeks later when he was using the walker at his home, part of the device malfunctioned, causing him to fall and reinjure his Achilles. He underwent another surgery for the injury and missed the remainder of the 2012 NFL season.

The Roll-A-Bout walker was apparently faulty. According to Peters’s attorney, it was designed to support individuals weighing up to 500 pounds, and Peters is listed at 340 pounds. With the walker not working properly, Peters, with the help of his personal injury attorney, was able to receive compensation for a device that did not perform as described.

If you’ve suffered an injury due to a defective product, you should identify which companies and individuals might be liable, as Peters did. Determining which parties might be responsible for your injury could be complicated, but a personal injury attorney could assist with the process. Also, you should be sure to save the product and not throw it away or take it apart. If you do not have the product that caused your injury, your claims may not be able to be proved.

Additionally, if you believe a product that you have is unsafe, you can report it to the United States Product Safety Commission. The Commission is responsible for protecting the public from unsafe consumer products. is the Commission’s Publicly Available Consumer Product Safety Information Database website, which provides information to the public on product safety.

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