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Injuries Caused From Accidents on Stairs and Escalators

One of the most common injuries in commercial buildings, public venues and even subways are caused by accidents on stairs and escalators. Stair accidents can cause major or minor fall trauma injuries depending upon the intensity or height of the fall. In minor injuries caused by stair accidents, we commonly have strains, bruises and bumps. The major injuries can lead to serious brain injuries, head trauma and bone fractures.

Common children accidents involve stairs, however there are several cases where a child’s shoes or clothing were caught in a moving escalator injuries causing even loss of a limb. There are more and more reports of flip flop and crocs escalator accidents due to their flexible materials. Stair and escalator injuries can be extremely serious and have resulted in even death cases as well.

Whenever a person has a stair accident, no matter how small the effect is, he or she should see a doctor or get first-aid to both document the incident and rule out any internal bleeding.

Only a professional doctor can help diagnose the severity of the fall or injury and create and official accident injury report. Keep any clothing, shoes or personal items that may have attributed to the accident and make sure you document the accident on location with any public or private personnel. The best  thing you can do is contact stair accident lawyers for additional guidance.

Stair and Escalator Accident Claims and Cases

Stair accidents may not be the fault of the injured person or purely accidental. Besides the recklessness of another individual causing the fall it can be caused due to problems in the construction of the stairs or improper maintenance of escalators. According to stair accident statistics, a large number of falls are caused due to a problem in the premises (slick or wet surfaces, improper lighting and even lack of a safety railings). It has been our experience that most stair and escalator accidents are the result of negligence or poor maintenance and construction. We often find these accidents to be  avoidable, and our stair accident lawyers will force liable parties accountable to remedy the situation to prevent future accidents.

Most victims of these accidents do not know their rights and are not aware of what to claim and how to claim it and that is why they need to contact experienced stair accident lawyers. We are one of the best personal injury and litigation attorneys in the Philadelphia PA & Cherry Hill NJ area and specialize in stair accident cases. The first step is a Free Consultation and after we discuss your claim we will investigate all the details, interview witnesses, talk to insurers and hold the responsible party liable and win fair compensation to cover medical bills, time lost from work, and pain and suffering.

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