Playground Injury Lawyers

Injuries From Accidents on Public or Private Playgrounds

Almost all playgrounds and schoolyards in the United States are owned and operated by the city. Anyone who suffers a playground injury needs to file a written notice of claim within a specific time after the incidence. Filing a playground injury claim can not only have any medical bills from the accident covered, but will prevent future playground injuries.

Playgrounds offer opportunities for kids to climb, slide, jump and run. Most of the times, the equipment used in the playground is responsible for playground injuries. The equipment heights may not be age-appropriate, or the surface may not be safe or the placement of the equipment may be faulty. Impact-absorbing surfaces around and beneath play structures may be absent.

The equipment may be poorly maintained and have sharp edges, or have platforms without guardrails. Sometimes, the playgrounds may have equipment that is not recommended for playgrounds.

Playground statistics show almost 75% of playground injuries are incurred by falling. Other injuries are caused by obstacles, or a body part being cut, pinched, crushed, or entrapped. Fractures of an upper limb are the most common form of injury with falls from a climbing structure, followed by falls from swings or slides. Besides fractures from falls, kids also suffer from head injuries when they fall from swings and climbing structures.

Laws Are Made to Prevent Playground Injuries But Not Always Followed!

The law requires that all cities and housing authorities ensure playgrounds are safe from common playground accidents. Fact is that most city and state agencies do not maintain their premises and this can lead to playground injuries. The negligence of the authorities’ concerned causes accidents often and when faced with such a situation in Philadelphia PA & Cherry Hill NJ area, it is best to hire a personal injury and litigation attorney who is experienced in dealing with such cases.

When You Need Representation For Playground Injuries

If you or your child has been injured on the playground, it is good to consult with playground injury lawyers to determine your rights. Ginsburg & Associates personal injury law firm offers free consultations and has attorneys who specialize in playground injury cases. If your child has suffered any injury such as a bone fracture, burns or a head injury it is best to report the incident fast and contact us to file a claim for compensation for medical bills and pain and suffering.

You and your child have a right to receive fair compensation for loss of schooling, emotional distress, medical expenses,  pain and suffering or any incurred losses by the family as a result. Our playground injury lawyers will investigate the incident and hold the negligent party responsible so you can get a handsome compensation. It is also our obligation to hold cities and property owners accountable for making playgrounds safe for children and families to enjoy. If we can prevent future injuries by changing or just enforcing laws so repairs, modifications and additional safety measures are made it is an even greater reward for our law firm.

Contact the playground injury lawyers at Ginsburg & Associates for further information on the matter. Call 215-564-4400  or you can email us at If you have a potential playground injury case for us to look at now, complete our Case Information Form.

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