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Personal Injuries Caused by Unsafe Buildings and Premises

Premises Liability Lawyers handle cases in regards with unsafe infrastructure. Minor and major accidents occur every day. What most people don’t know is that the definition of premises liability laws require the responsibility of every property owner  to ensure that his or her premises are safe for all who encounter them. This includes those who are in possession of the property in the case of construction companies who have maintained an unsafe environment. If you feel that an injury that you or someone you know happened due to the owner’s negligence, you may consider getting in touch with our premises liability lawyer. They may be able to file suit for compensation under premises liability law.

The Philadelphia building collapse on June 5, 2013 was a perfect example of why premises liability laws are in place. Over a dozen people were seriously injured and several innocent victims lost their lives and now their surviving family members are left to where Ordinary accidents such as slips on wet floors that were unmarked or injuries caused by poorly arranged objects in a store often go unreported yet can cause serious damage not mention the financial ramifications they would have on the victim. Such accidents can happen anywhere including restaurants, clubs, hotels or even residential areas.

A property owner’s responsibility can arise from a sidewalk or parking lot that is in disrepair, a torn rug inside a building or a falling ceiling. It can also be based upon a walkway that is not marked to draw the attention of a person who is about to walk on it, as required by local codes. Premises liability lawyers also pay attention to security issues. When a business is of a nature that it creates an environment that puts its customers at risk, they can be liable if they have not taken reasonable efforts to provide for their customer’s safety.

Whether in a casino, night club, bar, or remote parking area of a local shopping mall, the businesses that invite you to spend your hard earned money at their establishments owe a duty to you to keep their premises reasonably safe.

And, let’s not forget the risk from construction zones. Many pedestrians are injured each year where urban construction overlaps private property on sidewalks and streets. The interplay between private, public and local governments can make these difficult cases to pursue. At Ginsburg & Associates, our premises liability lawyers recognize that multiple experts are often needed to determine fault and establish appropriate damages for severe injury.

Some Common Premises Liability Cases

  • Building Collapses
  • Slip & Fall
  • Burns
  • Drownings
  • Construction Accidents
  • Workplace Injuries
  • Stair Falls
  • Electrical Shock
  • Dog Bites
  • Playground Injuries
  • Negligent Security

 How a Good Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

If the injury was as a result of falling debris, lack of safety railings, dangerously misplaced items or even poor upkeep of the grounds, you should immediately contact Ginsburg & Associates to have capable premises liability lawyers determine whether there was negligence on the owner’s part. This attorney will guide you on the course of action regarding the injury and what the law says about premises liability coverage. We can help you pay or recoup the cost of medical bills and other bills you have acquired as a result of somebody’s error.

Vast Experience In Premises Liability Litigation

Ginsburg & Associates have over 30 years experience representing aggrieved clients who have suffered injury in this way. We understand that it can be overwhelming in these turbulent economic times to shoulder the expenses incurred after an injury which may affect even future economic ventures that you may want to pursue. Nursing excruciating pain equally takes a toll on a person’s economic and mental health.

Contact our Premises Liability Lawyer

If you feel that you or a loved one has been injured at someone else’s property, contact Ginsburg & Associates. We stand ready to investigate and pursue all available civil damage remedies. To contact our premises liability lawyers, call 215-564-4400 or you can email us at If you have a potential premises liability case for us to look at now, complete our Case Information Form.

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