Municipal Liability Lawyer

Lawsuits over Injuries or Losses Resulting from City or Municipal Negligence

One of the rights that every person has is the right to safety and especially so in public spaces. Knowing this right will ensure safety is provided for you and your loved ones by the city or county government.

When a person suffers an injury or harm in a public place, he or she can file a municipal liability lawsuit against the government for compensation. Many cities are covered with municipal liability insurance to protect them from situations like these.

Incidences of Municipal Liability Under Section 1983

Although most injuries may not fit within a municipal liabilitydefinition, many incidences could lead to a viable lawsuit, for example;

  • If you were jogging at the local park and you were injured while tripping on an open sewer and there was no sign to indicate that it was there. You could sue the local governing body.
  • If you were to walk under a building that was under construction and building materials (such as bricks) fell on you resulting in head injuries. If there was no adequate signage to indicate that that particular building was under construction, or that you shouldn’t be on the walkway then this would be grounds for a municipal liability or premises lawsuit.
  • The same goes for broken sidewalks, neglected or poorly maintained roads,  water main or sewer leaks or any other hazard maintained by municipalities that cause you harm.
  • If you were injured in an accident involving the acts or negligence of an on-duty city or municipal employee, such as a police officer.

The governing body is responsible for providing safety for all its citizens by providing necessary information. If your injury can be proved to have occurred as a result of “policy” it may be similar to a well known 1983 liability case referred to as “Monell Liability“.  Injury caused in a public building or space belonging to a city or county council can also be grounds for a municipal liability suit. In some instances, so can harm or injury caused by employees of the county or city. A personal injury and municipal liability lawyers will inform you on what your rights pertaining to municipal liability are and help you get reasonable compensation for your injury.

Trusted and Proven Philadelphia Municipal Liability Lawyers

At Ginsburg & Associates, we take your injury at heart. We have amassed experience of over thirty years and in this often complicated legal journey of municipal laws and claimed for damages under section 1983. Nothing could make you feel more taken care of than having your dispute settled by a well versed municipal liability lawyer. Municipal liability lawyers can look at the situation, interpret what the law says about it and advise you on the best possible options for you. If you or someone you know has been injured or suffered harm in this way and is seeking compensation, then look no further, we will walk with you and counsel you in this very grave matter. Contact Ginsburg & Associates, personal injury attorneys for further information on city and municipal liability. Call 215-564-4400 or you can email us at If you have a potential case for us to look at now, complete our Case Information Form.

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