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Patients should examine their relationships with their doctors. This includes determining how long a patient has been receiving care from his or her medical practitioner. When you need to determine cases of medical malpractice, evaluate cases of negligence reasonably and carefully as well as make sure that Hospital infection lawyers control risk assessment is withing reasonable limits. Ginsburg Law will offer you direction during this process. Hospital infections lawyerscould arise due to negligence and should, therefore, be investigated carefully.

Types of Hospital Infections

Some infections acquired in hospitals are avoidable while others are not. Examples of hospital infections are:

  1. Infections that occur after childbirth
  2. Post-surgical infections


This list of hospital infections can include MRSA (antibiotic resistant staff infection), central line infections or even Necrotizing fasciitis (the so-called flesh-eating bacteria). Good medical care ensures that these infections do not occur and adequate measures should be taken to minimize Hospital Infection Rates that are increasingly becoming common in hospitals. Routine procedures should not lead to additional medical complications. This is why we compare hospital infection rates and the inherent risks that every patient potentially faces due to them.

Compensation Rights

Liable parties in one case could be on the part of the physician. You may be eligible for compensation if administration of proper medication to be taken before, during and after treatment in hospital was not done. The provision of these necessary drugs could save your life and reduce the amount of time you need for recovery.

What is the Hospital Liable for?

Consent forms are normally used to authorize physicians to carry out treatment and can be used to defend cases in negligence in court. Normally, these forms are signed before surgical procedures in hospital. Some sections of the form may make the patient aware of the risk of infection. We shall assist you in determining the extent to which parties represented in your case are responsible for hospital injuries and infections in a diligent manner. This shall simplify the process of identifying what your preferred hospital is liable for.

Reimbursement for Added Medical Bills

The mismanagement of medical procedures often leads to patients demanding reimbursement for additional medical expenses that are incurred. We shall provide assistance in the process of identifying the steps that you should follow to a request for your financial claims. The haste at which these claims are completed is assured when you have a reliable team of attorneys who are ready to uphold your legal rights.

If you or a loved one has suffered a loss resulting from infections acquired during a hospital stay, contact Ginsburg & Associates for a Free Consultation. We will aggressively pursue all possible remedies and compensation available through civil courts. To contact us call  215-564-4400 or you can email us at If you have had hospital infections that have potential as a case for us to look at now, complete our Case Information Form.

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