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Filing Lawsuits for Delayed and False Diagnosis

A False medical diagnosis, also known as a wrong diagnosis has the ability to turn a victim’s life completely upside down. The effects include social life of a victim, finances and even the victim’s self-drive. In many false diagnosis cases, the victim is almost always followed up with a series of drugs and tests to treat the misdiagnosed condition. The problem with this is that the patient could end up with more complex medical conditions arising from the side effects of the drugs supplied to them.

There is a standard of quality medical care that must be exercised by all medical False Diagnosis Lawyers personnel. At any time when such standards are subverted, it is the patients that suffer the consequences.

It is a right of every patient to trust in the ability of his/her physician to correctly diagnose and treat a condition

However, seeking compensation for such false diagnoses could be a long and financially taxing battle. A patient would not be able to go through the process without help. This is where they are advised to seek proper legal guidance and representation from qualified false diagnosis lawyers. Ginsburg Law in Philadelphia could be just the firm to approach. Here, the experience of attorneys in the area of medical malpractice will ensure that justice is achieved.

Types of Delayed, Misdiagnosis and False Diagnosis

Common medical diagnosis affected; 

  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Cancer
  • Stroke
  • Heart Disease
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Mental Illness
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Statistics from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that 1/ 88 children are diagnosed with autism. A new study however shows that 10% of such children received false diagnosis of the condition. False diagnosis of autism has been a major concern in the medical world as these has led to the wrong treatment and suffering of many children/families. ADHD False Diagnosis is also fairly common.

Research also indicates that there has been an increase in false diagnosis of cancer. The exact figures being: 3.9% for lung cancer, 3.1% for breast cancer and 3.3% for colorectal cancer. However, false diagnosis for diabetes is surprisingly rare.

These statistics only serve to indicate that the tragedy of false diagnosis is quite prevalent and must be addressed. If you suspect a false diagnosis, one place to start would be to look up a wrong diagnosis symptom checker from a wrong diagnosis website.

Compensation Rights and Liability

Wrong medical diagnosis victim is entitled to a compensation sought through legal channels. An attorney with vast experience in medical malpractice cases especially in the case of false diagnosis would be in a good position to help achieve this. Negligent medical personnel must also answer for their actions, which not only cause risk to the particular victim, but also the general population. At Ginsburg Law, a victim’s rights are always prioritized.

If you or a loved one has suffered from false diagnosis, or delayed diagnosis of cancer contact Ginsburg & Associates for a Free Consultation. We will aggressively pursue all possible remedies and compensation available through civil courts. To contact us call 215-564-4400 or you can email us at info@ginsburg-law.com. If you have a potential false diagnosis case for us to look at now, complete our Case Information Form.

Often, the most important factor in finding the right lawyer is their expertise.



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