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Cerebral palsy is a medical condition that occurs during birth following labor and delivery or within the first years of a child’s development. The condition results from damage to a baby’s developing brain from maternal infections, exposure to toxins and oxygen deprivation. The parts of the brain affected usually being those involved with the control of the body’s motor functions such as walking, balancing, speech, swallowing and chewing and bowel functions. Additionally, vision and hearing, mental retardation, learning disabilities, seizures, muscle weakness and other serious issues can be caused by cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy Due to Professional Negligence

The adequate monitoring of a fetus by medical professionals can prevent injuries causing cerebral palsy, however, mistakes made by doctors, nurses midwives and other medical professionals often do occur. If monitoring equipment was faulty or improperly set-up, or the medical staff failed to check the fetal strips or administer stress tests, your baby may have been in distress causing brain damage.

There have been many cases where doctors fail to deliver a distressed baby fast enough and the child is left to develop Cerebral Palsy. Your child’s brain injuries may be due to the failure to identify and properly react to the signs of fetal distress.

Cerebral palsy life expectancy can be long but it is a lifelong condition that usually causes lots of pain, suffering and financial strain to victims. Since it is at times as a result of the negligence of medical personnel, a victim reserves the right to seek compensation/ justice through legal channels. Every pregnant mother and the newborn baby has a right to proper medical care in form of informed diagnosis, proper administering of drugs and use of proper drugs to correct ailments. Failure to observe these basic rights entitles a victim a right to seek legal redress.

Cerebral Palsy Lawyers

Filing a claim in court is usually conducted through an attorney, who represents the victim in court. Victims are always advised to seek services of cerebral palsy lawyers. These may include attorneys specializing in medical malpractice, a department fully effective at Ginsburg Law.

Types of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy has been classified into four categories based on the degree of impairment it causes to a patient. These include; classification based on severity; topographical distribution; motor function and lastly is the classification based on Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS). This last classification is the universal classification of cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy Symptoms

Cerebral Palsy’s symptoms include speech impairment, motor immobility, and abnormal muscle forms. These symptoms all stem out from under-development/damage of the brain. Cerebral palsy’s causes include medical negligence which could be in the form of misdiagnosis, an irresponsibility of medical personnel or even due to serious head injuries. A child suffering from Cerebral Palsy will likely require lifelong care and expensive medical treatments including therapy and even surgeries. The necessary cost for caregivers and transportation equipment also add to the mounting costs of care due to these injuries. The average cost for medical care of an individual with Cerebral Palsy can reach over $1 Million Dollars and that doesn’t include additional losses to income or family expenses, living costs, residential care or rehabilitation. 


Compensation Rights and Liability

Every victim has a right to fair compensation. Cerebral palsy lawsuits may include financial redress for the victims and penalization of the guilty medical personnel through loss of medical practice licenses. Courts of law, however, always have the discretion to award damages for pain and suffering as they deem fit. Receiving financial compensation after your child has suffered a debilitating and life-threatening injury may be the only way for you to provide adequate care in the future. The sooner you have trusted, experienced cerebral palsy lawyers on your case is the sooner your family can heal from this tragedy.

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