Private Security Negligence Attorneys

Private Security Negligence Attorneys

Private Security Negligence Attorneys are on the rise. With the increase of crime and criminal activity in the country, it is important that all public and private facilities provide ample security for members of the public in Philadelphia and across the nation. It is absolutely necessary for property owners to supply sufficient security for people visiting their buildings which include Private Security Negligence Attorneys services. Insecure buildings and premises can harbor criminals and can be used for illegal activity. Such anti-social activities include but are not limited to theft, battery, rape, drug trafficking, murder, and others. Private security negligence then is when the property owners fail to provide adequate security by hiring a security guard, putting up video cameras that will capture events transpiring in the entire building, installing secure bolts and locks on doors and entryways and putting in place other security measures that will ensure a safe environment.

Alternately, there is a rising issue of private security agencies employing personnel without adequate training. The lack of security guard training often results in excessive force and unnecessary injuries, even wrongful death when a firearm is involved which all falls under the private security companies  negligence. There are limited statutory requirements for any armed personnel including a required security guard license. Liability for any negligence can fall on multiple parties, including the private security contractors. If you endure injuries from an altercation with a security guard or officer, your rights may have been violated and actions may be taken.

A Litigation Attorney Can Build Your Security Negligence Case

Whether you were attacked while visiting a mall, park, school, or downtown Philly  being attacked while on somebody else’s property can be grounds for a security negligence claim. If you were attacked and suffered harm in this way, then you need a good personal injury and litigation attorney to fight for your rights in court. Loss of property can also be grounds for a security negligence claim. A personal injury law firm such as Ginsburg & Associates has litigation attorneys with experience in security negligence cases. They will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your attack to ensure that you get fair compensation. The lawyer will also prove beyond reasonable doubt that insufficient security resulted in the occurrence of the incident.

Free Consultation and Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Ginsburg & Associates, our attention to detail and passion for justice will see to it that every aspect of your injury is painstakingly sought to prove that negligent security left you nursing injuries. We would be happy to see negligent property owners compelled to provide what is not only fundamentally important but is right as well. Our experienced attorneys guarantee that you will be compensated for your physical and psychological injuries.  A personal injury lawyer will break down security negligence, interpret what the law says about it and advise you on the best possible options for you, possibly including taking this matter to trial. If you or someone you know has been injured or suffered harm in this way and is seeking compensation, then look no further, we will walk with you and counsel you in this very grave matter.

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