Police Chases

Injuries or Death From Philadelphia Police Chase Crashes

Some police chases have resulted in life-threatening injuries in Philadelphia. Police pursuits accidents are likely to affect pedestrians and motorists not involved in crimes that may have led to the chase itself. These innocent bystanders are often the victims of car chase injuries and their civil rights require the protection an attorney specializing in cases involving police chases. Our firm, Ginsburg & Associates commits itself to protecting these police chase victims and seeking out the legal measures that should be taken to compensate them. The pursuit of justice should not end with accusations and arguments; solutions to protect future potential victims of police chases should be determined and enforced in our communities. With every case, it is our mission  to help change and reform laws that better protect Philadelphia and society at large.

Liability Instances During Police Chases

Police chases should be better managed, but establishing better policies are challenging and hard to enforce. This is due to the variety of circumstances during which police pursuits occur. For example, once a person resists pulling over or arrest, policemen are left with critical choices in order to arrest the assailant. It could be to engage in a pursuit and then fall back when a high-speed police chase  ensues. Failing to make the right decision could lead to more laws being broken and cause harm to the public.

Liabilities arise in police chases when the assailant or the police car hits other vehicles, pedestrians or crash into buildings.  Recently, an innocent bystander was killed as a result of a wild police chase in Monroe. This was probably avoidable, but unfortunately, a life was lost.

Wrongful death is just one of the outcomes of high-speed police chases along with other more serious injuries, all of which warrant civil suits against multiple parties. While this is a major problem to most law enforcers, a pursuit is at times necessary in certain circumstances.  The use of cameras in squad cars to capture police car chase videos have allowed departments to analyze techniques to prevent unnecessary damages. In similar cases, evidence found in police shooting videos posted by individuals on social media sites have been an effective tool in analysing use of brutal force.  Although there are strategies and tools police enforcement use to reduce risk to the situation, they do not always work.

Damages and Compensation For Police Chase Injuries

If you or a loved one was injured or lost their life in an accident involving the Philadelphia police, compensation by multiple liable parties may be attainable. In addition to medical bills, pain and suffering and loss of wages can be a result of a police chase and part of your claim. Contact us today for a Free Consultation and let us help you determine the compensation you are entitled to, in a transparent and timely process. Our personal injury law firm has a great reputation and experience winning verdicts and settlements in municipal liability cases.

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