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Injury or Losses From Police Brutality Attorneys Misconduct and Brutality

In many urban areas including Philadelphia, a certain amount of Police Brutality Attorneys and civil rights abuse seems to be a forgone conclusion. We see it in the headlines and hear it in the news: wrongful detainment, excessive use of a Taser® gun, coerced confessions, malicious prosecution, excessive beatings in correctional facilities, at traffic lights, in personal homes … the list is long. Though the cases of police brutality have dramatically reduced over the years, incidences come up every so often, reminding us of the danger of poorly supervised authority. In a police brutality statistics study carried out in the recent past, it was found that at least 1% of police officers in the country are guilty of police misconduct, which involves Police Brutality Attorneys.


Common Forms of Police Brutality and Misconduct

  • Coercion to confess – In some cases, individuals are outnumbered and intimidated to confess to crimes which are then recorded and used to convict ‘criminals’ who police are in a hurry to lock away.
  • Excessive Force – If police unnecessarily cause bodily harm to you or your loved.
  • Injuries From Weapons – Unnecessary use of tasers, batons, pepper spray and other non-lethal force.
  • Illegal Search and Seizure – A violation of your civil rights from illegal search and seizure of your home or vehicle.
  • Racial Profiling and Discrimination – Likely involving other probable cause violations.
  • Wrongful Death – Where deadly force is used on civilians when no weapon was present.

Reforms take place across the nation frequently to reduce cases of brutality and misconduct. However, this does not change the fact that many innocent victims of police brutality are still in the difficult process of coming to terms with what was done to them in the hands of the law. Finding the right police misconduct lawyers to help you in this process will bring criminals to justice. Our firm shall aid you in the process of creating a comprehensive police brutality report.

The Right For Legal Action and Compensation =

The criminal justice system is very complicated to comprehend for those of you who have little experience dealing with episodes of brutality. Dealing with cases of police using excessive force, performing inhuman and degrading treatment is our way of fighting the sometimes unjust system. Shootings, use of tasers and batons can cause devastating injuries. The use of these violent methods needs to stop. Police violence is against the law. Negligence is actionable. If you, a relative, or friend has been seriously injured by the police in Philly, please contact us for a free consultation. At Ginsburg & Associates, we are fully committed to accessing the courts as a way to improve the lives of victims and affect positive social change. The extent of your injuries will be used to determine the compensation and damages you are entitled to after a case of brutality. To contact us call 215-564-4400 or you can email us at info@ginsburg-law.com. If you have a potential Police brutality case for us to look at now, complete our Case Information Form.

Often, the most important factor in finding the right lawyer is their expertise.



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