Train Accident Lawyers

Injuries, Trauma and Losses Resulting From Train Accidents

Derailments often turn into deadly train accidents, but can cause severe to minor injuries to both train passengers and innocent bystanders as well. They often occur at high speed and are hard to anticipate, but can cause great damage to persons and property. Even witnesses to these accidents suffer psychologically and in some cases, physically. Ginsburg & Associates’ advanced team of train accident lawyers will recover your losses on your behalf and ensure that negligence is not overlooked by the parties involved.


A train injury doesn’t have to involve a train crash. We often deal with metro accident cases that involve falls onto train tracks, slips on stairs or platform while entering/exiting a train and even injuries from faulty equipment like escalators, railings and seating.


Helping families deal with these situations and receive fair compensation for their losses is our ultimate responsibility. We leave no stone unturned while petitioning insurance companies to fully compensate victims involved in these accidents.

What To Do When Involved in a Metro or Train Accident:

  1. File a Police Report – gather any proof of evidence you were injured at the scene
  2. See a Physician – document all injuries and complete a medical evaluation
  3. Contact Ginsburg & Associates – we will identify essential evidence that may disappear at the onset of the accident and cost implications.


Take initiative – know your right to compensation! Injuries occur every day and innocent victims are left responsible for bills that are the liability of other transportation authorities. For instance, rail companies are responsible to maintain pedestrian and automotive crossings as well. SEPTA particularly is responsible for awareness on safety and security of passengers as well as the maintenance of the transport system. The only way to fully understand if the extent of your injuries and losses were the fault of negligence by another organization is by having a free consultation with the experienced train accident lawyers at Ginsburg & Associates.  Our involvement in your case will reassure you that you have the best professional legal team available if negligence is identified. Our highly rated experts are always there for you and will not stop at their efforts to see that you receive justice.

Damages and Compensation

All around the world, people recover from harrowing railway accidents. Steps are taken to improve the safety records of transport providers and fundamental changes are made for future train commuters. Be part of the team that changes lives and have your say on how such situations should be addressed.

It is our objective to obtain maximum compensation for you! Severed limbs, trauma, irreversible damage to vital organs due to train derailment are all examples of damages that are eligible for compensation packages after train accidents.

We invite any train accident victim to a Free Consultation with Ginsburg & Associates right away so a quick assessment can be made to determine potentials claims. Avoid delayed compensation, and being forced into a quick settlement with insurance companies by fully discovering your right for compensation. Contact us call 215-564-4400 or you can email us at If you have a potential case for our train accident lawyers, complete our Case Information Form.

Often, the most important factor in finding the right lawyer is their expertise.



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