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Injuries From a Motorcycle Crash or Bike Involved Accident

Personal Injury Attorneys at Ginsburg & Associates have successfully processed numerous claims for clients injured or involved in motorcycle accidents. Are you aware that our motorcycle accident injury lawyer litigate on behalf of aggrieved parties in Marlton as well as Philadelphia? We thoroughly cover all our bases when finding out every detail of motorcycle accidents and the tedious laws of each state. The extent of damage in these accidents affects vehicles, pedestrians, buildings and fellow motorcyclists, who may be affected in one way or another and at times there may be multiple liable parties.

Motorcycle Accidents Causing Long-Term Injuries and Losses

Fair representation has been statistically proven to increase the likelihood of compensation and assist you to better deal with losses that you may have incurred. When you are involved in a motorcycle accident, compensation from your insurer should be considered first. Additional claims as motorcycle accident victims can potentially be made against involved motorists, or municipalities if the accident was caused by hazardous roadways or defective traffic signals.

Increased prevalence of motorcycle accidents in Philadelphia has grieved us and numerous families. Our motorcycle accident lawyers take it upon themselves to reduce the cases of negligence associated with them in a bid to keep this city safe for families and professionals. The last thing that any motorcycle owner should be dealing with is the uncertainty of compensation for personal losses and long-term injuries as a result of an accident in our city.

Damages and Compensation For Your Injuries


Injuries from a motorcycle accident could be mild, moderate or critical and are among the highest fatality rates for motor vehicle accidents in our country. Motorcycle accident deaths and be costly and survivors of victims are entitled to funeral cost compensation, even pain and suffering in the event of wrongful death.Our intensity in your legal matter works to your benefit and we will identify and uncover every angle to plead your claim. Whether you have suffered from broken bones, loss of limbs or even paralysis, we fairly deal with each and every client who hires us for their legal battle, regardless of compensation value.

At Ginsburg & Associates, we have the experience to bring in the right experts to evaluate the situation. The litigation of your motorcycle accident case may be further complicated when the vehicle that struck you either does not have enough insurance or has no insurance at all. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can deal with these and other issues at the outset to make the best recovery possible under the circumstances.

If you feel that you or a loved one has suffered a loss as a result of a motor vehicle accident, contact Ginsburg & Associates. We stand ready to investigate and pursue all available civil damage remedies. To contact us call 215-564-4400or you can email us at If you have a potential motorcycle accident case for us to look at now, complete our Case Information Form.

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