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Injuries and Losses Resulting From Automotive Accidents

Did you know last year there were 42,643 deaths caused by car accidents?  Current car accident reports reveal a higher number of deaths and injuries as compared to the past. The main reason for the increase in traffic accidents is that there are more cars on the road and more people today drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol. If anyone you know has been in an accident and suffered injuries, they have a right to fair compensation from the responsible party. Head injuries and broken bones pose a serious threat to your future and can result in damages worth millions of dollars that can be negotiated by auto injury attorneys. The experienced car accident lawyers at Ginsburg & Associates can help get the fair compensation you deserve.


Liability and Your Legal Rights When in a Car Accident

Learning more about your rights to compensation will help. The party that caused the accident is liable to pay hospital bills, repairs to your car and loss of earnings. A head injury will prevent you from taking up a job for years and if your car is totaled, it has to be replaced.


While you are not at fault, a legal representation will help prove your point by gathering the nitty-gritty details about the event from the eye witnesses and the police officers. The lawyers will deal with the insurance companies and fight for your rights to a handsome compensation. Experienced car accident lawyers will not be afraid to take on the largest insurance companies.

Damages and Compensation

Drivers and passengers who have been injured in car accidents in the Philadelphia PA & Cherry Hill NJ area, can hire Ginsburg & Associates. As personal injury and litigation attorneys we can determine damages and obtain compensation for loss of work, pain and suffering, and wrongful death. If a loved one has died in an accident you may be entitled to a million dollars or more by the law. A spinal injury or a broken bone is painful and the party that caused this pain is liable to pay you for your suffering. These types of cases fall under tort law. Ginsburg & Associates car accident lawyers are experts at Philadelphia tort law and have 25 years of experience. We are aggressive in the courtroom, look out for your interests and get you the best possible compensation to cover your damage.


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Often, the most important factor in finding the right lawyer is their expertise.



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