Bicycle Accidents

Injuries and Losses Resulting From Bicycle Accidents

More than 600 deaths were recorded in 2010 resulting from injuries sustained in bicycle accidents and motor vehicle-related incidents, with more than 52,000 related injuries reported in the same year. This has given rise to awareness campaigns and law enforcement authorities increasing their efforts in ensuring safety measures that will protect cyclists from bicycle accidents that could be injurious or fatal to them.


The situations that give rise to bicycle deaths and injuries for cyclists are usually quite complicated, to the extent that authorities have devised a software that collects statistics and circumstances before and after the incidents in determining the most effective measures that can be taken to protect pedestrians from the increasing carnage, and especially for cyclists.

Liability and Your Legal Rights When in a Bicycle Accident

With the increase of cyclists in the country for many positive reasons, it has become prudent for local authorities to define regulations and penalties with more detail in the management of this new culture of transit and recreation.


A bicycle is considered a legal vehicle in Philadelphia, and with it comes the responsibilities, rights and duties of a cyclist as compared to a motorist. Since statistics show that it is safer to ride on the street than on the sidewalk, many bicycle accidents almost always involve motor vehicles.


Since cyclists have the same legal status on the road as much as motorists, their rights are by no means diminished in a bicycle accident involving a motor vehicle or other avoidable factors that lead to a fatality or sustained injuries. Cyclists and bicycle accident lawyers have a right to litigate for compensation, especially if the incident could have been avoided and any of  following factors  were  involved:

  • Driver Negligence
  • Unmarked Hazards
  • Poor State of the Road
  • Defective Brakes or Faulty Equipment
The Law Also Stipulates That;
  • Cyclist should ride as far right on the road as possible; as deemed for safety, but most motorists, either due to negligence or other reasons, fail to acknowledge the legal entity of a cyclist on the road, and their awareness of the possibility of meeting a cyclist on the road is often quite low.
  • Cyclists have a legal right to be on the road; but they should be concerned for their own safety, and exercise courtesy on the road.
  • Motorists have an obligation to act on a cyclists interests; and should always be aware of the possibility that they might encounter one or more on the road.
  • Anyone does not carry the legal entity as compared to motorists on the road; they are however protected from negligent driving, and causative factors have to be determined regardless of the legal entity.

Damages and Compensation

If you have been injured in cycling accidents on the road to the extent that the normal functionality of a limb is reduced, determination of negligence or liable behavior will justify the amount of your compensation. Because the loss of a limb can prevent you from being productive, this injury could seriously hamper your career and long term income, potentially leaving you impoverished or reliant on public services for your livelihood.  Any and all the parties who are to blame for the incident are normally made responsible for compensating of your medical bills,loss of income, pain and suffering damages. The same claims can be made by a victims survivor in the case of wrongful death.

Recent Bike Accident Case Victories; 

  • $701,250.00 Settlement; Bicyclist killed after colliding with parked tractor trailer on a highway.
  • $261,000.00 Settlement; Bicyclist struck by car.

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