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Airplane Crashes Attorney NJ  is not very common but they do occur and when they do, the consequences are usually very grave. Every year there are several aviation accidents both in the USA and worldwide which result in the deaths and injuring of many people. Fatal aviation accidents are more common in smaller chartered planes than in large commercial aircraft, but they more often go unnoticed.

A large 747 cargo plane crash will get more media attention than a Cessna due to the mere size and potential damage it can cause. However, even accidents that do not cause death like a recent small plane crash in Philadelphia result in injuries and losses to innocent victims.


Although there are stringent regulations put in place regarding airplane safety, studies have revealed that more than 50% of all aviation accidents are caused by human error.

Common Causes of Airplane Accidents and Injuries;

    • Poor Engineering – flaws in the aircraft’s design
    • Control Tower Error – failure to give proper guidance to pilots
    • Pilot Error – such as making improper maneuvers and judgments
    • Mechanical Failure and Improper Maintenance
    • Bad Weather Conditions – ice on wings, poor visibility, high winds, lightning and slick runways
    • Poorly secured items – tossed about during take-off/landing and turbulence


Liability and Your Legal Rights When in an Airplane Accident 

Airplane crashes can be litigated very much in the same way as one would litigate an automobile accident. If you have been injured or a loved one has died as a result of a recent plane crash, you are entitled to legal redress. The best bet however for anyone who wants to be sure of getting the compensation they are entitled to in such instances would be to contact airplane crash lawyers. This is because there is plenty of paperwork involved before an insurance company agrees to pay out a claim and if one is not careful, they might be denied their rights because of technical mistakes they make.

Non-Crash or In-Flight Airplane Injuries;

    • Turbulence – causing strains against seat belt or passengers and unsecured items to be thrown around the cabin
    • Slips and Falls – while entering/exiting airplane platform or stairway on the plane itself
    • Falling Luggage – over stuffed and improperly secured overhead bins or faulty locking mechanisms
    • Failure to Provide Medical Attention or Immediate Emergency Landing – in the case of in-flight heart attack and stroke

The most common cause of in-flight injuries is from turbulence, the brief changes in altitude caused by extreme conditions that cause the plane to violently jolt.  There may be 3 parties responsible for turbulence related injuries; it’s the pilot’s responsibility check the weather conditions for your flight path ahead of time and delaying the flight if extreme weather is suspected. Equipment defects may contributed to injuries, making the manufacturer, service repair or seller or the aircraft responsible. Additionally, the air traffic controller is obligated to warm the pilot of air pattern conditions or other dangerous situations and failing to do so is a liability.

Regardless of who is responsible, by closely examining the situation and determining if the injuries could have been prevented can prove the right for a claim.  Insurance companies and airlines always have a team of legally trained experts to ensure that they incur the least liability. If anyone wants to stand a chance of winning a case against them it would be necessary for them to have their own expert legal team as well.

Damages and Compensation

Since most airplane crashes and in-flight injuries are the result of some professional negligence, you will most likely be entitled to some type of compensation. Don’t be fooled by insurance companies into believing that right to compensation is only valid in the case of wrongful death. There are many forms of damages that you may be entitled to other than compensation for wrongful death as a result of an airplane crash or accident. These range from their medical costs for treatment of injuries sustained as a result, pain and suffering endured, loss of work as a result of not being well enough to do their duties and even reduction of their future earning potential if you or your loved one has been permanently injured.

When an airplane crashes these are all strong legal reasons to seek compensation from the court, and a professional plan crashes lawyer will ensure his client gets all the compensation you are entitled to. Contact Ginsburg & Associates today for a free consultation to discuss your claim.  If you would like to speak with our airplane crash lawyers about a potential case involving a plane crash today call 215-564-4400 or you can email us at and complete our Case Information Form .

Often, the most important factor in finding the right lawyer is their expertise.



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