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Lost Revenue From Unpaid or Denied Business Insurance Claims in NJ?

Businesses, particularly in the manufacturing and supply industries can often get totally destroyed by a fire, flood or power outage. This can cause a total collapse of business when the plant shuts down and no distribution of goods takes place. This eventually leaves the business with no funds to continue operations and can bankrupt a business if they lack Business Insurance Claim.

For such times, companies opt for business insurance claims to guard against these types of damages.CEO and CFO often have trouble claiming a business loss from the insurance company due to these companies doing all they can to deny business insurance claim and save money. Some CEOs and CFOs also hire a private adjustment firm for their insured business losses to reach a quick settlement rather than risking a delay in reaching a settlement.

Companies that have Business Insurance Claim are owed compensation from money lost when business was at a halt and if we look at the statistics, about 60 percent of insurance companies play grubby politics at the time of paying the money and all insurance policy have a huge advantage due to their greater knowledge of their insurance policies.

What Can A Business Do When The Insurance Claim Offers Little To Zero Compensation?

At Ginsburg & Associates, we have the expertise to step in and file a suit against the insurer. We know some insurance policies have tricky ways of cheating their clients. We can file a claim for bad faith towards a company that has been paying premiums for years. We can claim that the insurance carrier and its adjuster are not acting reasonably towards its insured client. Our firm will discuss matters with your executives who know how the plant or distribution center works and makes revenue. We also have the resources to hire expert engineers and accountants to evaluate the loss from fire or flood and prove exactly what caused the losses.

We never overcharge our clients and only work on a percentage of the recovery plus the costs of the litigation. This means that we will be paid for our time only if we recover lost revenue. Most firms in the industry demand an hourly wage and comparatively we help companies save this additional expense while it is trying to recover from a disaster.

If you are looking for a litigation attorney in the Philadelphia PA & Cherry Hill NJ area, call us for a free consultation. If you wish to file a claim about a fraud related to business insurance claim do contact us. To contact Ginsburg & Associates call215-564-4400 or you can email us at If you have a potential Business Insurance Claim case for us to look at now, complete our Case Information Form.

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