Broken Bones Injury Lawyers

Serious Injuries To Limbs, Back or Neck

Broken bones injury is sustained when any part of a skeletal structure is compromised (such as a broken leg) either through a fissure (crack) or compound fracture (clean break or shatter). These serious injuries often compromise the structural ability of the body to perform naturally and mostly in motion.  This leaves victims bound to wheelchairs, crutches and even hospital beds for extended periods of time.

A Broken Bones Injury is Almost Always Incapacitating

Whether you suffer broken limbs, a broken back or neck once any of these bones are broke, these injuries are painful and definitely alter the course of daily living. These injuries can be caused by auto accidents, work accidents, sports injuries, falls in nursing homes and more. A medical examination can determine the adverse outcome of the injury, especially when the effects will not be immediately noticed. Some broken bone injuries can even be fatal, as with death due to a fat embolism dislodged from broken bones.

Liability and Your Legal Rights With a Broken Bones Injury

It is normal for some victims to deal with an injury, work towards recovery and attempt to live a  normal life without taking legal action as long as their medical bills are paid. What they don’t realize is during the broken bone recovery time or months later when secondary injuries occur or victims realize their physical abilities have been compromised and they can no longer perform as well as before the accident occurred they start to feel victimized.

You still may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering by any liable parties, however, it is a lot harder to justify to the courts and prove your lingering pain is a result of the initial accident and nothing else. This is why taking immediate action while the police and medical reports are fresh and any witnesses can clearly recall and recite the incident are credible. It’s best to contact broken bones lawyers as soon as possible.

Damages and Compensation 

A broken bones injury is almost always incapacitating, and in some situations can lead to a permanent incapacitation of movement. Even once your bones heal, long-term rehabilitation therapy and additional surgery may be required for a full recovery and they are both costly. Compensation for reimbursement or payment of medical bills as well as pain and suffering can be claimed. Broken bones lawyers can also fight for loss of income and future earnings. Even spouses or other caregivers who had to give up income in order to care for your injuries have the right to compensation.  Such situations often call for justified action where all liable parties are meant to compensate the injured party, such that they are treated fairly granted the lack of normalcy in their lives following the broken bones injury.

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