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The Basics of Workers Comp Benefits

Published by: Bruce Ginsburg | Published on: July 4, 2017 | Category: Array

What if you were injured on the job or became sick due to dangerous chemicals or materials, would you know what to do?  Do you know that employers are required to have some type of workers comp insurance on all employees, full time and part time?  Workers comp is required in Pennsylvania and it is insurance that...Read More...

4 Major Warning Signs of Dental Malpractice

Published by: Bruce Ginsburg | Published on: June 15, 2017 | Category: Array

Four signs of dental malpractice to watch for as a dental patient are the dentist’s improper use of unsterilized equipment, the inexcusable presence of expired medications, a dangerous disregard for proper procedure, and a failure to devote professional attention to the practice. While other indicators of negligence...Read More...

How DUI Car Accident Settlements Work: Head, Spine, and Leg Injuries

Published by: Bruce Ginsburg | Published on: March 29, 2017 | Category: Array

When irreparably harmed by the carelessness and bad judgment of a DUI driver, a DUI accident lawyer is an injured person’s best hope of getting restitution and a fair settlement. The ripple effects of a DUI crash can carry across relationships, employment, financial security and health. Some of the most grievous...Read More...

Patients of Center for Family and Specialty: Get Help Now!

Published by: Bruce Ginsburg | Published on: March 28, 2017 | Category: Array

Attention patients of Center for Family and Specialty: Health officials have found dead mice and insects near the office's sterilization unit. The Pennsylvania Department of Health say an investigation determined that the Center for Family and Specialty Dentistry on 2642 Bernville Road in Reading, Pennsylvania did...Read More...


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