Elderly Falls in Nursing Homes: This is why we took my mom out of a nursing home and maybe you should too

Published on December 20, 2016 |

Author: Bruce Ginsburg

Elderly Falls in Nursing Homes

Elderly falls in nursing homes result in patients having to go to a hospital for treatment. These hospital visits for fall-related treatment make up about 36 percent of all hospital emergency room trips. Falls that occur in a nursing home are some of the most preventable injuries the elderly experience.

Falls in Nursing Homes are the Most Preventable Injuries

The CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) sites many nursing home falls often go unreported. Even though they do not feel they have all the data on these occurrences, they still receive up to 200 reports on elderly falls in nursing homes a year. These falls often cause a functional decline, disability, reduced independence, and a loss of quality-of-life for the elderly person.

Just the fear of falling causes patients to suffer from a feeling of helplessness, depression, anxiety, social isolation and loss of function. Precautions to prevent falls, in and out of the nursing home, are extremely important.

Elderly Falls in Nursing Homes is a Problem

A good percentage of the nursing home falls result from environmental hazards. These hazards include poor lighting and slippery floors. There is a higher risk of an elderly person living in a nursing home to suffer from a fall than those that live out in the community. Another sad statistic is that patients will often times fall repeatedly within a years’ time with many of them occurring in patients who cannot even walk.

Why Nursing Home Falls are so Common

According to the CDC, the problems concerning nursing home patients falling more often than those living in the community may be a health issue. Most patients in a facility are there due to extenuating medical conditions so they are generally less mobile and older. These elderly persons are generally suffering from chronic diseases, cognitive abilities, and the inability to conduct their own daily tasks.

Nursing Home Negligence

If there are fall prevention programs in place at a nursing facility, it will greatly reduce the number of falls the elderly will experience. They need to have proper lighting in place so patients can see to navigate. Floors that are slippery or wet should be sealed off from those unsteady on their feet. Facilities also need to ensure furniture such as beds, chairs, and tables are easy to access and move to. Bathrooms are especially in need of proper fall prevention. They need to have handrails available, floors that do not become slippery when wet, and proper seats.

Who to Call If You Suspect Nursing Home Neglect

Bruce Ginsburg Philadelphia

Ginsburg & Associates are a personal injury law firm. They have offices in New Jersey and Philadelphia staffed with expert injury trial attorneys with experience in motor vehicle, city and municipal liability cases, nursing home negligence and more. Call them if you suspect a loved one has been injured during an elderly fall in nursing home.

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